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Brett and Sarah Moreno 9/24/22

Our Passion

Tank Entertainment provides more than entertainment, we provide unforgettable memories.  No matter where the destination is, we go to all heights to delete dull moments and provide extraordinary experiences at any of your events.





Our Services

I have gained plenty of experience in the art of DJ entertainment, Performing for some of the best artist in the industry. I’ve worked hard to improve my services and to expand the services and packages I offer. I’m able to adapt to each particular event’s requirements and clearly communicate with clients early and often to ensure their full satisfaction.


Birthday Party 2017

Cox wedding.jpg

Dalton & Myrissa 9/3/2022


Red White and Boom 2015


What my clients want at their birthday parties to be fun and that is exactly what they get. With my Birthday Package, I am able to satisfy every performance need and help bring your Bday Party to the next level. Some of my personal top performances have been a result of this package, which is quite a popular one amongst all ages. Click here for more information and to book your initial consultation.


As a professional Weddings & Events DJ, I make sure to offer my clientele a wide range of musical services to suit their unique needs and provide customizable choices they’re sure to love. The packages is always a hit and can be customized to exactly what you need to make sure your event is one to never forget. Click here to schedule a consultation to see what package suits you and your upcoming event.


This is most popular and frequently requested package for all event types. The extensive experience I have of performing live at events allows me to cater this option for a diverse array of audience types and sizes. Additionally, I am constantly adding more offerings to my repertoire and always consult with clients to make sure they’re happy with their choices. Click here to set up your initial consultation to get the party started!

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St. Patricks Day 2018

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