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What Should I expect from a Wedding DJ?

An experienced wedding DJ can do much more than just provide tunes for the dance floor. The DJ at your wedding may either make or break the party. The music played during the ceremony and reception is crucial. For this reason, it is crucial that you know what to anticipate from your wedding DJ before making a final decision. Think about what this site has mentioned, and double-check that the DJ can actually do what you want. This is the standard of excellence you should anticipate from a seasoned expert.

A professional DJ will know just the right mix of upbeat songs, dances, and activities to keep the party going strong at the reception. A skilled DJ can turn a wedding reception into a night to remember. He will be able to keep the celebration moving along and bring everyone out on the dance floor.

What to Look For in a Wedding DJ?

Wedding DJs Listen

An excellent DJ for a wedding would tailor their performance to the couple. He knows that you're putting your faith in him to ensure a successful outcome on one of the most significant days of your life. If the DJ has any doubts about your requests, he should clarify them with you until he has a firm grasp on what you're looking for.

To put it simply, today is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you. Ideally, this will go down in your memory as the greatest gathering you ever attended. We will always make sure that the things that are most important to you are at the forefront of your wedding, as you put so much of yourself into it. Our service is based on maintaining open lines of communication with you at all times. It is completely unacceptable if you are unable to contact the people responsible for making your big day a success. In the months leading up to the wedding, we'll keep in touch with you as much as you'd like. We hope you feel our undying devotion to you both, regardless matter how busy your schedules are or how much time and energy you've invested in planning your wedding over time. Your day is just too significant for any indifference on our part. It's crucial that you hire a DJ who values you and your input into the wedding's music and flow. Not just a pretty face and some clever sales talk.

A good DJ will talk to you and your fiancé to learn more about who you are as a couple. It's possible that you and your significant other have completely opposite musical tastes, with one of you being a die-hard fan of country and western and the other loving R&B. A talented DJ will take all of this into account, as well as your wedding's theme and your personalities, and locate the sweet spot.

Wedding DJ plans

Wedding DJs arrange a playlist according to the timetable for the event. It is expected of a DJ that he or she can seamlessly switch between musical genres and play songs that are acceptable for the event's various stages. After the couple's walk-in song, he can play upbeat music to get the party started, and then switch to more sedate tunes when dinner is served. A professional DJ will be able to gauge the mood of the crowd and modify the music accordingly.

In the month running up to your wedding day, We always meet/speak with you to confirm the agenda. We carefully record all of the details of the wedding day and work with you to plan it out, offering our professional advice when you ask for it. When the big day finally arrives, we hope that you, your bridal party, and your family members enjoy a fantastic time without any stresses. Keeping the day moving in the direction you envisioned is our responsibility. Furthermore, it is our responsibility to constantly update all of the other suppliers on the situation. Trusting your DJ to recommend and execute modifications as the day unravels is a key act of faith, one you need to feel entirely comfortable doing.

On the big day, the DJ will normally assume charge in the absence of a wedding planner. Since this is such an important day, the DJ needs to have spent time familiarizing themselves with the wedding's Timeline and Program in advance. It's possible to have a complex and extensive wedding. The DJ is responsible for ensuring that everything goes according to plan and that all of the other service providers are informed of the details. For instance, before announcing that supper will be served, the DJ should make sure the caterer is prepared, and before inviting the couple for their first dance, the DJ should double-check that the photographers and videographers are set up and ready to go. Although it is the responsibility of the photographers and videographers to be prepared at all times, it is possible that one of them may be absent at a crucial moment, such as during the first dance, if he or she is in need of the restroom.

A DJ Must Be on Time

Your DJ should show up no later than two hours before the scheduled start time of the event. A DJ will need this amount of time to assess how long it will take to unpack their gear. Keep in mind that there could be a line of vendors waiting to use the loading dock, depending on the location. Hence, you must guarantee the DJ's presence in advance.

The DJ sets up

Depending on the details of the package your DJ has sold you, the amount of time needed for setup may change. Setup time for a simple system can be as little as 30 minutes, while a complex, enterprise-level installation can take a few hours. Give them plenty of time to set up according to the floor layout you gave, test all equipment, and double-check the sound before the first guests arrive. Guests' arrival at the venue should signal the end of any sound checks or equipment relocation.

Since you've already spent a fortune on the venue, flowers, and decorations, it's only fair that the DJ's setup looks good after all that money. An untidy setup with exposed cables will detract from the overall aesthetic. It is important to keep in mind that the DJ booth will be the main attraction for the majority of the evening, therefore it should be designed with aesthetics in mind. Make sure the DJ knows to use gaffer's tape to fasten any cords he or she runs across the floor or along walls. By doing so, you can ensure that neither your guests will be injured as a result of tripping over the cables.


It is your responsibility to ensure that the music you have selected for special dances, introductions, processionals, recessionals, etc. is either already in the DJ's collection or easily accessible. Various musicians now record numerous versions of the same song. Don't risk disappointment or embarrassment by not telling the DJ which version you want to hear.

Your wedding DJ needs to be able to gauge the crowd and play music that suits the mood you want to create for your reception. A professional DJ is aware of this, and will play music that not only includes the couple's favorite songs, but also encourages visitors to get up and dance. With just the right mix of upbeat and laid-back tunes, he can keep everyone dancing, from your seven-year-old niece to your ninety-year-old grannie.

It's not as difficult as you may imagine to find a single musical style that can make a large number of people happy. It's a bit trickier to find a playlist of songs that can keep people amused for a full three hours. Your DJ should be able to seamlessly transition between different musical styles, decades, tempos, and song requests, all while being faithful to your own musical tastes and preferences.

The DJ Acts as Host or Emcee.

Some disc jockeys also play the role of emcee. They play music during the reception and make announcements about when things like the arrival of the newlyweds, the cutting of the cake, and the bridal toss will take place. DJ emcees not only play music to keep the party going, but also make sure everything goes off without a hitch and say funny things at appropriate times.

It's likely that you'll need your DJ for the wedding to do more than just play music; he'll also need to do a great job of running the show. To do so successfully, he must keep the attention of the wedding guests throughout the formal announcements and correctly pronounce the names of all members of the bridal party. A good wedding DJ will also organize the reception's activities and make sure they go off without a hitch while still being a lot of fun for everyone.

Not only is it crucial to keep you and your new spouse on schedule, but so is informing your hundreds of guests of the evening's festivities. Since today is all about the two of you, try to avoid spending too much time on the microphone, but it is an important part of my job to make sure that everyone has a good time and feels like they are in the know.


The DJ will start playing a song to set the mood before your arrival. Play something lively and uplifting; the mood calls for it at this moment of celebration. There are some couples that are happy with just one song played for all of the guests at the reception. Yet some demand that a different song be used to introduce each pair. One of the best decisions you can make is to hire a DJ to help you introduce guests and make sure their names are pronounced correctly.


Any guests who wish to make speeches during the reception will have access to a wireless mic provided by your DJ. In addition, he will present the speakers in order.

Special Dance

For the first dance, wedding party dance, and father/mother dance, your DJ will play the music you choose. The dance floor is opened to the guests and the bride-father and groom-mother dances can be postponed until later in the evening.


Your DJ will take the music requests you offer and create a playlist that will have guests of all ages on the dance floor. Older songs are usually played first, since many baby boomers still enjoy getting up and moving to the beat. Then the younger dancers take over, and the music becomes more vibrant and modern. When making your requests, please think about including all of your visitors. You aren't just making a selection for a small group of close pals.

Final song

The bride and groom usually have a special song picked out for the end of the night, and the DJ will play it at the appropriate time. However, if you select the final song, that is the one that will play.

Knowing when to dial things down and allow guests some breathing room is just as crucial as knowing how to pack the dance floor. Even more so during mealtime, a good DJ will know just when to turn down the volume so guests can talk to one another without resorting to gesturing or raising their voices.


DJs are responsible for supplying their own turntables, speakers, and other audio equipment to make the machines function. Upon the couple's request, they may additionally supply novelty items like fog and ice makers. Unfortunately, t

hese robots are not welcome in many businesses. The pair needs to enquire about the facility's policies regarding their situation. The DJ is also responsible for providing a high-quality wireless microphone for use during presentations.

Back-Up Gear

According to Murphy's Law, misfortunes are guaranteed. Therefore, a Professional DJ Service will always have a backup plan ready. DJs should always have backup equipment for crucial gear, albeit it can be difficult to duplicate everything. It is imperative that you have a spare microphone, laptop, speaker, and cords. Check that your DJ has a strategy in case any of the equipment needs to be brought backstage.


There are DJ services where the DJs wear uniforms. The company's emblem on a dress shirt or Polo, black pants, and polished shoes are the standard uniform. Some services choose to dress formally for events, while others opt for business casual. Any of these options would be suitable for a wedding where a DJ service was provided. A professional DJ service will not dress in jeans, t-shirts, shorts, or athletic shoes. Spell out your preferred mode of dress.


Be sure to receive the features you paid for from your DJ service package. Some businesses would charge you for extras but not provide them until the very last minute. Even if you're too occupied with the party to think about it, take a quick break to double-check. Take a quick look at the 10 uplights or 2 wireless mics you have to see if they are worth the money. Request what was promised in the contract or demand a refund if you do not receive it.


What happened to your DJ once they were paid? Keep in touch with the DJ in the days leading up to the wedding. It is expected that the Wedding DJ Service will get back to you quickly if you have any queries or issues. Don't assume that your DJ will show up and perform as promised just because you have a contract. Many small-time DJ services won't still be operating by the time your wedding rolls around.

Takes Stress Off the Bride & Groom

Even while your wedding day is bound to be a day of unbridled joy, it may also bring on a great deal of worry and tension. A professional wedding DJ will be aware of this, and will do their best to alleviate some of the burden on the happy couple by, for example, getting there early, keeping the dance floor clean, and keeping the party moving. A professional DJ will ensure that all your guests can do after the ceremony is celebrate your marriage in style.


The DJ is not there as a guest, but rather to execute a job. Keep that in mind when deciding on a DJ service. They are not there to get tipsy at your reception, make inappropriate advances towards your guests, linger over dinner, perform a song and dance for your guests, or act in any way unbecoming of a vendor. Unprofessionalism abounds in the form of huge billboards advertising their services or TV screens bearing their logo. After the wedding, guests who were interested in hiring them might either ask for their contact information or ask for a business card. Your wedding "is not" a platform for them to advertise their services.

The best wedding DJs carry themselves with the utmost professionalism at all times. Your wedding DJ should look the part, be well-groomed, and remain cool and collected under pressure. He must not act inappropriately with any of your guests, including drinking alcohol, during the wedding. A professional DJ for a wedding will be prepared to prevent or remedy any potential catastrophes.

A great DJ will wow you right away with a positive demeanor, prompt responses to your questions, and the knowledge to fulfil all your requests. Also, they will be prompt, well-organized, and faithful to the schedule you've given them or agreed upon together.

A competent DJ will provide you with an online planning worksheet where you may specify your desired cocktail and dinner music, as well as any unique songs, and provide you with interactive access to his complete song catalogue so that you can select your chosen dance music. Hiring a real DJ master can make your party's music the least stressful element of organizing.


A professional DJ can keep the reception going with the right selection of upbeat music, dances, and games. A reception can be made into a night to remember with the help of a professional DJ. The best wedding DJs will personalize their set for the happy couple. Professional disc jockeys for weddings typically create a set list of songs to play at specific points during the reception. A skilled DJ will engage in conversation with you and your date to get to know you better.

A DJ's versatility in music selection and transitioning between styles is essential. In the absence of a wedding planner, the DJ usually takes charge on the big day. The DJ is in charge of making sure the night goes off without a hitch. There should be no later than two hours before the event begins before the DJ is expected to arrive. They also have an obligation to share this information with any and all other relevant service providers.

The right music set to the right mood can make or break a wedding reception, so make sure your DJ has that ability. A messy setup with unhidden cables will ruin the look. He knows how to keep the party going by playing just the right blend of upbeat and chill songs. A skilled DJ is one who can fluidly shift between genres, decades, tempos, and audience requests. There are DJs who also serve as hosts, announcing the arrival of the bride and groom, the cake cutting, and the bridal toss.

Recognizing when to ease up and give guests some breathing room is just as important as knowing how to get people on the dance floor. A skilled DJ will be aware of when to lower the volume so that people can have conversations without shouting over the music. Hiring a DJ guarantees that all your guests will be able to do after the ceremony is celebrate in grand fashion. A DJ service takes their profession seriously, so they won't show up wearing casual attire. When attending an event, some services may choose to dress formally, while others may choose to dress more casually.

All the time, the best wedding DJs exude an air of professionalism. They won't drink too much at the party or make unwanted advances on your guests. Your wedding DJ should be presentable, well-groomed, and calm under fire.

At Tank Entertainment, we live by everything in this blog and more. Let us make your day memorable!

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