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How much should you spend on a wedding DJ?

If you’re in the midst of wedding planning, you’ve probably noticed that prices are all over the map. You don’t want to blow your budget, but neither do you want to ruin your wedding by hiring the cheapest professional DJ.

There are a TON of wedding DJs in Louisville area alone; how do you know which ones are the best value? How much does a wedding DJ cost?

The average cost of a wedding DJ is around $1,800, but this doesn’t reflect the wide range of prices you’re likely to see while planning your event. In reality, you’ll see DJ companies charging anywhere from $600 up to $3,500.

The aim of this DJ cost guide is to help you discover the type of services you can expect from wedding DJs at varying price points and how to find a DJ that you feel comfortable with on your big day.

Wedding DJ Pricing Guide

You can find venues, florists, hairstylists, and wedding DJs in every price range. But does that mean one is as good as the other?

At Tank Entertainment, we’ve seen it all! Here’s what various wedding DJ prices likely indicate. (Keep in mind that these prices are based on having a Saturday wedding. Many DJ companies, like Tank Entertainmen, offer lower prices for off-peak days.)

Budget-Friendly DJ Expect to Pay: $500-700 Sort >> Price: Low to High…. Sound familiar?

While this might be fine when you’re buying a toothbrush, it may not be the best idea for something as crucial to your wedding as the DJ. After all, so much of your wedding day centers around music, plus a wedding DJ is so-much-more than just a DJ. Of course, if your professional DJ friend is only charging you $500 as a favor to you, that’s a different story. But wedding DJs in this price range are typically just starting out in the business. They’re probably doing this part-time as a side gig and may have schedule conflicts that lead to them not showing up.

Professional Full-Time DJ Expect To Pay: $1,300-$3,000 Professional, full-time DJs with a full range of services are making this kind of money for a reason.

They are talented, experienced, and 100% committed to making sure the weddings they perform at are as close to perfection as possible. They typically spend 10-30 hours of prep time for a 5-hour wedding…THAT’S dedication! They’re available for questions, have plenty of song suggestions, and can MC like a boss.

They’re also going to be fully licensed and carry the type of insurance that most venues require.

Beware! Bear in mind that your wedding DJ’s prices will change if you’re getting additional services like ceremony sound, uplighting or a photobooth. Once you’ve gathered multiple quotes, make sure you compare the DJs’ services as well as their prices. This helps you compare apples to apples so you get the best value overall. You’ll also be able to easily identify opportunities to save money without settling for a sub-par DJ. This is why it’s so important to interview potential DJs to get a feel of whether they will be the right fit for you.

You Deserve an “Above Average” Wedding For the most part, the average wedding DJ costs about what they’re worth. But do you really want an “average” DJ? There’s a lot that goes into a professional DJ experience that the beginners and hobbyists don’t do. For example… Price vs. Value Setting (and sticking to) a wedding budget is super important. After all, you don’t want to start your marriage in debt. But while it’s good to save money when and where you can, it’s also important to remember that the lowest price does not equal the best value. If you only ask yourself “What does a wedding DJ cost?” you’ll only be getting half the picture. You also need to consider what your DJ can do for you. At Tank Entertainment, we have the one and only DJ Tank (see resume in the about tab) who is not only extremely talented, but fun, professional, and LOVE to create moments that make your wedding day utterly magical. Ready to talk? Great! We’d love to hear from you!

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