You Get What You Pay for! Or do you?

What do you look for when booking a DJ for your next event?

1. Type of equipment

2. Music Library

3. Style

4. Pricing

What most people look at first is cost. However, costs shouldn't be the first concern. Many people associate DJs with pricing and not determining the efficiency of the DJ. It is true that some cheap djs are cheap in quality, quantity and efficiency; simply not worth it. The same can be true for more expensive DJs as well. It's a catch 22 when it comes to booking the right DJ. However, there are ways to get the perfect DJ for your next event; without losing time, money or patience!

Step one: Know what you need.

What exactly do you need in a DJ? Lighting, sound and emcee? Now how much of each do you want or need? To what degree do you need of each? What's the going rate for these services?

Step two: Get a list of DJs

Once you know what you need in a DJ, get a list of DJs that you think will fit your needs. Typically a list of 5 would work. Once you compile your list, do your research to narrow it down to just 3. That research should include the following: Interviewing, Attending a live event and reviews. Interview the DJ; ask the DJ how his services are different from others and what he could bring to the table. Ask them when they be seen live and could you come to their next event. Ask them if they are on social media or any videos of their performances. Finally Google them or look for reviews from previous clients.

Step three: Book your DJ

Now that you know what you need and did your research; now its time to book your DJ. Don't let the cost be the issue if yo trying to have a great time with family, friends, coworkers, etc. The cost doesn't necessarily reflect the quality, quantity and efficiency but what the DJ has to offer for that price is what counts.

Good luck on your search and congrats on your next engagement or event!